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Preview: Mother Country by Chandri

Title: Mother Country
Author: chandri
Section: McKay/Sheppard
Prompt: A political shift on Earth has repercussions in Pegasus.
Word Count: 58,880
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers straight through season 4. Kavanagh. ;)

As this is as much a Team! story as a McShep story, I dearly wanted to have a snippet from one of each of the Team members, but. As any of my betas will tell you, I tend to be kind of... verbose. ;)

Anyway. Snips from the beginning. John, Teyla, Rodney. No spoilers, really.

"Sir?" asked Lorne. "Can I venture an opinion?"

"Hit me," John told him. It was a really good thing he was okay with small spaces, because otherwise he'd really be freaking out right about now. Come to think of it, he was pretty sure he could sense Rodney working up to a panic from where he lay.

"I don't think it was mean to kill us. Just to render the building useless."

"And why do you think that, Major?"

"It didn't start counting down until McKay started messing with it, sir."

"Hey!" protested Rodney, and broke off with a spate of coughing.

"Oh, crap," Rodney said, a moment later, in a thick voice.


"I might be - sort of - coughing up blood. Maybe."

"Shit," John said, heart hammering suddenly to twice its normal speed. "Bad situation" just turned into "critical" and he still couldn't move without bringing more of the roof down on their heads and Rodney is coughing up blood.

Now, she reached. It felt like bitter cold at first, the cold flush of an unfamiliar mind, and she nearly recoiled. This was how it felt with a Wraith, and she wondered whether it was only the changed part of Kanaan that she was seeing. But then came heat, different, familiar, human, and she would have swayed if not for the wall at her back.

There, she thought, and paused, waiting. But all she felt was a presence. There was no awareness of her, and somewhere nearby was a pulse like a heart that she knew existed only in her mind. So she reached again, searching carefully, like sifting rice or beans in her fingers.

Another base has been destroyed, she saw, as the co-ordinates jittered into her consciousness. On some other world, not far from here. A trap set to prevent theft, or disturbance, or discovery.

All at once, she broke away, because she had understood. He had set these traps for them: For the Lanteans, for Teyla's team. And now they had triggered one, probably searching for her.

For the space of three laboured breaths her mind was filled with images of her dear ones lying dying or dead in the rubble of some building, floating blue in airless space, bleeding red into the ground of some nameless moon.

She cowered against the wall for long seconds, frantically piecing together her situation, forcing herself calm in the wake of panic. They must be safe, she told herself, because it must be true, it must.

"Rodney," Jennifer said, "I know I haven't been here that long, but reading body language is kinda one of those things they insist on you learning in medical school."

"Do they teach minding your own business, too?" he snapped. But a lot of what he said seemed to roll right off her, and this time seemed to be no exception. He also hated that. This was why they could never date, he reminded himself. She never argued back.

She tilted her head to one side, tucked a strand of hair behind one ear. "You guys are kind of lacking in subtle."

If he'd been red before, now he had to be paper-pale, and he jerked his head around to stare at her. She must have seen the astonishment on his face, or maybe some of the bone-deep chill of – he wasn't even sure; the ground opening beneath him, the reason he'd never – but it didn't matter.

"Don't worry about it," she said gently. "Everybody knows you're not good at subtle, McKay. They probably just write it off."

"Well, neither are you, if you were wondering," he returned, in a hiss just above a whisper.

She stepped back and crossed her arms, regarding him critically. Rodney had no idea how she could do that, just look at him and make him feel like an idiot.

"He's not stupid," she told him, raising her eyebrows. She was trying to be kind, he knew that, but somehow that just made it worse. There was a reason why this was never more than something they could laugh off, and this was it.

"No," he said, tiredly, to his hands. "That's me."

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