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Preview: Solitary man by bluespirit_star

Title: Solitary man
Author: Bluespirit
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Story rating: NC-17
Word count: 40,700
Genre: AU, angst, first time
Story warnings: death of a secondary character
Notes: There will be full notes with the story, but I just wanted to say a quick thank you here to my fabulous betas – lantean_drift, sgamadison, the_cephalopod and xanthe - for their invaluable help and support.

Summary: John Sheppard was used to being on his own. He’d been booted out of the Air Force, was estranged from his family and was haunted by the guilt of everyone he’d ever let down. Then a wrong turn on a snowy night changed his life forever.


He trudged forward, eyes straining to keep the light in view, but after awhile his steps began to slow and he realised that he’d lost track of how long he’d been walking. His head was pounding now and he felt sluggish and confused, but he forced himself on, one lurching foot in front of the other. He’d survived war zones, the Taliban, and supercilious, stuck-up-their-own-ass generals who didn’t know that you never left a man behind - he’d be damned if he was going to freeze to death because he got lost snow-boarding.

He battled on, head down as the blizzard gradually grew worse, the wind and snow howling and buffeting against him. Suddenly his foot collided with something solid and he fell to his knees, hands hitting a smooth surface as they pushed through the snow.

He raised his head, trying to focus through the grogginess, and was shocked to see a neat snow-covered porch in front of him. There was a light in the window, and he dragged himself to his feet and over to the door. He knocked as loudly as he could, but his arms felt like silly putty, and he hardly had the strength to keep his head up.

He had no idea how long he stood there, propped against the wall, before a welcoming rush of warm air hit him in the face. He managed to crack open his eyelids and found himself staring helplessly into a pair of shockingly beautiful blue eyes. He had a second to think ‘wow’ and ‘huh’ and then his vision greyed out, his legs folded under him, and he was out for the count.



Solitary man - a soundtrack

.zip, ~73MB, please 'right-click & save'

Track list:-

1. Solitary Man – Johnny Cash
I’ll be what I am,
A solitary man

2. Hurt – Johnny Cash
I will let you down,
I will make you hurt

3. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Johnny Cash
And the first time ever I lay with you,
I felt your heart so close to mine

4. It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Me – Blake Shelton
Why do I do the things I do?
Was I born this way? Am I a self-made fool?
I shoot the lights and curse the dark;
I need your love but I break your heart

5. Desperado – Don Henley and Johnny Cash
Your prison is walking through this world all alone
You better let somebody love you, before it's too late

6. Letter to Me – Brad Paisley
You've got so much up ahead
And I'd end by saying have no fear
These are nowhere near the best years of your life

7. Like a Soldier – Johnny Cash
I'm just thankful for the journey
And that I've survived the battles
And that my spoils of victory are you

8. Coming Home – Roy Orbison
I’ve been running through the fire
I’ve been burning for so long
If I stayed away forever
I could never miss you more

9. A Hundred Miles – Blake Shelton
All my answers, all my hopes, all my fears
Are a hundred miles from here

10. Comin’ Home – Tim McGraw
After so long being frozen it took a while to thaw me out
I spent too long not knowing what love’s supposed to be about
Now I’m finding out

11. If Love Was a Plane – Brad Paisley
Now what in the world could go wrong?
To hell with the odds, we'd rather not know

12. This Everyday Love – Rascal Flatts
Wouldn't change one single thing about it
No, it's run-of-the-mill, still I can't live without it
Can't get enough of this everyday love

13. Home Sweet Home – Blake Shelton
I wont ever get too far away
from home sweet home
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