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Preview: Mercy of the Fallen

Title: Mercy of the Fallen
Author: zaganthi & perryvic
Pairing: John/Rodney/Carson
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 101,986
Genre: Complete AU
Warnings: Blasphemy, violence, non-con, supernatural elements

Notes: Thank you to googlebrat, tzigane and chaps1870 for the fantastic beta. This story is an AU which takes from Supernatural, Constantine, and Lucifer.

Summary:John Sheppard would go to Hell and back for Rodney McKay, and anyone else from the Stargate Command. And then, one day, he has to.


Dar Williams – Mercy of the Fallen


It wasn't a one hundred percent sure thing, and John had known that when he'd rolled up to Cheyenne Mountain, and started the agonizing process of getting a visitor's pass. Pictures were taken, fingerprints, the usual questions about distinguishing marks, and though he was sure it was in his file, the guy checking him in took the time to photograph his tattoos meticulously.

Then Major John Sheppard, US Air Force, was cleared to enter what he'd already figured was a top level base.

He wondered if they were just cataloging the tattoos to see if he was some sort of gang-banger, because he sincerely doubted the Air Force would have a damn clue what they were about. It wasn't like he could explain that they were how he could force demons out, prevent them getting in, fight them all with the ink on his body if he was caught without his other weaponry.

He was shown to a room where there was a dozen or so other people waiting, but not all of them looked military. Every now and then a new person would be shown in.

It was a little strange that they were being brought in, kept in one room, and John wondered why. Why him, why those other people, why all corralled together.

"Oh, lovely. Little plastic chairs. Mmhm, if they put on a power point presentation, I'm going back to Area 51."

Nearly startled, he glanced up recognizing that voice. Rodney? Here? But he was a scientist.

"I was given to understand we didn't have a bloody choice," another unfamiliar but lilting Scottish voice said. The man standing next to Rodney seemed to be acquainted with him at least marginally.

'Yes, well, I've been given to understand that I always have a choice, even if I have to take it from someone." He looked different than he had the night before -- good suit, dark shirt, and the other man was, well. Dressed up to his civilian, first day on the job nines, John guessed. He'd personally taken the effort to bring his shoes up to dress standards. "Oh, this just got interesting."

"How..." The other man glanced at him and said, "Oh, someone you know?" He shouldn't have picked that up merely from Rodney's comment. Huh.

He gave a flip salute. "Hi, Dr. McKay."

"Sheppard!" Rodney moved towards the empty chair to John's right. "Sheppard, this is Doctor Carson Beckett. Carson, this is Major John Sheppard. I think I know what we're doing here now, and this just got intensely less interesting for me."

"Care to share the theory, Rodney?" Carson said with a familiar sounding exasperated good humor. "Pleasure to meet you, Major. Rodney has the annoying habit of keeping theories to himself."

Rodney waved a hand, and leaned into John to whisper. "Take a 'Look' around."

John raised his eyebrows and then allowed his Sight to come in. He was one of the rare ones, he'd been born with it and it had made his life hell, up to the point his parents worked out what was happening and then things got a whole lot worse.

The room lit up for him like a rainbow. "Holy shit."
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