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Preview: Children of the Abyss

Title: Children of the Abyss
Author: writerjc
Summary: While on a survey mission, Sheppard's team comes upon a beautiful uninhabited world. But it's what lives far beneath the surface that may be the death of them.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 40,599
Genre: Team, Gen, Action/Adventure
Author's Notes: Huge thanks to my betas sharpes_hussy and michelel72 . They were both lifesavers when it came down to crunch time. Thank you both!

A world with no recorded civilizations …

John grinned broadly and settled the ship down in a clear spot far up
the beach and near sparsely growing tropical-looking trees. It
reminded him of something from a vacation brochure. Too bad he really
hadn't known to bring his surfboard. But that didn't mean they
couldn't enjoy the place while Rodney continued his readings.

… harbors a secret.

"There's something moving out there!" Rodney gestured frantically toward the
crashing waves.

The team must take an unexpected journey …

"What happened to the fish?" Ronon asked as he leaned forward and
looked up in the direction of the sky.

"And the reefs?" Teyla added, though she seemed more focused on what
was beneath them.

… and face new dangers …

"Fall back!" John ducked backward, ignoring the tiny stings as a few of the
projectiles made contact against exposed flesh.

… to uncover a hidden world …

The beauty around her was entrancing, long green stalks
extending up toward glowing light. Around her, leaves danced gently
with the motion of the waters. They sparkled with extra brilliance and
she laughed, enjoying the refreshing feel of the waters softly
caressing her exposed skin.

… and reveal a terrible wrong.

They all fell, their bodies splashing into the waters around her. Only she was
left, watching over motionless companions who would never move again.


"My name is Banyan. I've been waiting for you."

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