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Preview: Actions and Reactions by Aqualegia

Title: Actions and Reactions
Author: Aqualegia
Pairing: John/Rodney, established relationship
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 43822
Summary: Forks in the road. The story is based around the episodes The Return I & II. This is my idea of what could have happened during and after the episodes.

Beta Many thanks to dusty_star

John accepted his second dismissal with fairly good grace, and went back to his office. He logged back in to the system, and checked his email. His mood lightened when he read Rodney's comments, and when he saw that Rodney was actually arriving today instead of tomorrow, he quickly wrote up his after action report and emailed it to Landry. He took the memory card from the binoculars, fitted it in to the appropriate slot in his laptop and then saved the photographs to the designated folder on the server. John then checked in with Walter to see if he was needed on base any more - and once it was confirmed that he was now free until next Monday, he packed up his things, signed out of the server, and went home - determined to meet Rodney at the airport so he could actually see Rodney's reaction to his new home rather than hear about it second hand.

Once he was outside the mountain, and on his way home, John breathed a sigh of relief. The feel of the powerful car under his hands a kind of balm to his soul. He'd been very tempted to get a bright red Chevy Camaro just to piss everyone off, but a voice in his head, which sounded very much like Rodney, had started muttering about penile extensions and mid-life crises. So, still feeling he needed to make some kind of statement, he chose the new Chevy Impala in a sedate black instead.


Tags: 2009 previews

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