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Preview: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, by kyizi

Title: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Author: kyizi
Pairings: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, Teyla Emmagan/Evan Lorne, and there are a few others mentioned peripherally
Rating: 12A/PG-13
Word Count: 60,084
Spoilers: SGA & SG1 through to the end.
Notes: A massive thank you to my awesome betas tesserae_ and devikun, who gave me the best beta I could have asked for. You guys are awesome!

Summary: It’s been almost four years since Atlantis was thrown into the far reaches of the universe, with no idea where they are or how to get home. John Sheppard is lost and Cameron Mitchell can’t quite work out how the hell he's managing to cope with running the city; his only consolation is that he’s not the one running the whole show. When one of their teams is lost and planets start to disappear from the night sky, things suddenly take a turn for the worst. Struggling to cope with their loss, the people of Atlantis have to pull together to fight an enemy unlike any they’ve seen before and their only chance of winning seems to lie within the city itself, but the cost of survival may just turn out to be too high.

Preview: I seriously couldn’t decide what snippets from the fic that I could use, so I decided to do something a little different and introduce you instead to Atlantis and its characters as you’ll find them in my fic. Please note that the following text is not a part of the final story.

Five Things Cameron Mitchell Misses About His Life Before Atlantis
1. His parents. He wonders if they’ll get over losing him, hopes that Sam was able to tell them something to give them a little hope that he’s still out there, even if he knows, deep down, that he’ll never see them again.

2. His team. He’s still got Vala, knows that he might not have made it through the first few years here without her, but he misses Sam, Daniel and Teal'c more than anyone, because in the end, they were his family.

3. His car. He misses flying hard and fast down the freeway, wind in his hair and the engine at his fingertips. It was flying without wings and, even if there’s something to say about ships that can read his mind, he misses being free.

4. Having back up. They haven’t lost anyone in a few years, they’re not fighting the wraith, or the replicators, or the Ori, but he knows that one day their run of good luck in this galaxy will run out and he misses, more than anything, having his old team and the SGC’s resources at his back.

5. John. Because even when they were in different galaxies, there was always hope that John would come back to him.

Four People John Sheppard Wishes He Could Have Said Goodbye to
1. Rodney. He’s not really sure what he’d say, but he knows what he wouldn’t say, because the last time he said ‘so long’ it wasn’t the end and even though he kind of hopes he hasn’t been forgotten, he doesn’t want to think of his friend living his life with false hope.

2. Teyla. He wouldn’t need to think of what to say, because she’d just know. She always knew what he was thinking without words.

3. Ronon. He doesn’t think he’d need to speak, because Ronon reads people better than anyone John’s ever known, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want the chance.

4. He doesn’t think about saying goodbye to Cam. He doesn’t think he ever could.

Three Things Evan Lorne Will Never Take the Credit For
1. Finding their new living areas. He knows that it brought out their sense of community, knows that being allowed to choose their homes and build their futures in different parts of the city was what truly brought them all together. But he had known it would be the turning point that pulled both his COs into the fold, so he asked the city to show them the way and watched silently from the sidelines.

2. Introducing Cadman to their CO. She’s one of his best friends, one of the only people in the universe who always looked past his rank to see who he truly is and it kind of hurts that he lost her a little by doing it, but he gets that it’s lonely at the top and he knows that Kade didn’t really have many people he could talk to.

3. Shutting off Lieutenant Banks’ hot water. Permanently. He sometimes thinks that Cam doesn’t realise he’s mostly kind of serious when he suggests just jettisoning the man into space. Evan sometimes wonders if maybe he should be joking…

Two Things Kincaid Dillon Really Hates About His Job
1. He hates being kept apart. He wasn’t meant to be there, knows that he’s the man in charge and he can’t afford to get too close when he has to make the tough choices, but he doesn’t have to like it.

2. Politics. He’s always been accused of being a charmer, always been told he could talk his way out of anything, but trade negotiations bore the hell out of him, he doesn’t understand this galaxy’s version of sports, he doesn’t like the food much, and he really wishes he didn't repeatedly have to explain that his people were not tradable commodity. Being in charge of a city really kind of sucks sometimes.

One Thing Teyla Emmagan Wishes She Didn’t Want
1. To move on. She tries to tell herself that she’s come to terms with the loss of her people, tries to believe that she has truly said goodbye to John, she tries to live her life for her son, but something holds her back from truly letting go. She’s used to loss, but she’s no longer sure she’s strong enough to lose again.
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