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SGA Big Bang

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Stargate: Atlantis Big Bang Challenge
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All Members
Stargate: Atlantis
If you will be participating in this challenge, please make sure you join *and* friend this community. Please do not apply for membership until you have actually, you know. SIGNED UP.

Membership is moderated, and only those who are actually actively participating will be able to join. We'll be utilizing locked posts for members. If you only want to keep track of our progress and updates, feel free to friend!

This is the third and final Stargate: Atlantis Big Bang challenge this community will see, so come on in and help make it AWESOME.

Mods for sgabigbang:
svmadelyn and gblvr

Important Dates:
Everything you need to know? Right there! If you have a question for the mods, please drop us a line in that post.

All relevant topics and questions can be found in the tags list on this community.

Thanks to oxoniensis for the graphics work and set up of this community, and faceon for the basic layout code.

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